Dragonfly Anglers

Dragonfly Anglers wanted a mobile-friendly website, with easy navigation and e-commerce functions. The retro style and feel encourages outdoor enthusiasts to shop and save.

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Crossroads Fitness

Crossroads Fitness – This two-location fitness center website stays ahead of the curve with an active calendar of classes, integration of social media, and online sign-ups for their members.

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Aspen Community Health Services

With a service area that covers hundreds of miles, Aspen Community Health Services wanted a smartphone-ready website to accommodate the lifestyle of the workers and visitors of the Roaring Fork Valley.

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New Life Chiropractic 

A local office for chiropractic knew they wanted a serene and peaceful website to greet their new and ongoing patients. Easy access to their Patient forms and wellness tips, help clientele achieve that goal.

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Thin Air Web - A digital creative company


Starting in the heart of beautiful Western Colorado, with offices in Grand Junction, CO and Grapevine, TX, we’re here to help you leverage technology and create a better marketing position for your business. That’s what we do. Within that framework, we have multiple options to fit almost any project or budget. With a custom content management system (CMS) in tow - CompleteSite - we are able to write software that writes websites.
Through magic and a bunch of technical words we throw around to make ourselves sound smart to each other, we create a way for you to become master of your own domain (website, technically). The web is a big place. You should have a piece of it. We're here to help you purchase your land, draw up your plans, excavate the area, and build out your dream home. We might even help furnish it; throw a party there; or even put it in our portfolio.

Strategy Design Development SEO

At Thin Air, we know digital presence is an essential part of overall business marketing strategy. We have decades of experience working with businesses and organizations in developing plans, and can help you determine how your website can improve your total ROI using your existing marketing dollars.
At Thin Air we believe in the UX (user experience) above all! Our website and software designs are created individually to meet the needs of our clients, whose focus is their client. With our Content Management System, CompleteSite, we do the hard work of custom design to your specifications and give you the power to update your content whenever you need.
Sure, we can build you a stunning custom website on our Content Management System, CompleteSite, but what if you need more? With fancy HTML code dancers, we can develop a specific software program designed with you in mind! Does your business have to interface with other companies’ software? Do you need to capture and query lots of data? We can development with you in mind!
Is there anything more confusing than trying to understand what search engines do and why we even need them? We can help you see how SEO can increase your website traffic and what you can do yourself to improve your site rankings.

Colorado web design & development