Altitude Trampoline Park

We've been proud to partner with Altitude on several different projects including this version 2 of their main trampoline park websites! Utilizing responsive technologues, we're able to meet the needs of site visitors on any platform and allow users to quickly and easily buy tickets and book parties in minutes.

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Aarchway Inn

A very popular independent hotel, the Aarchway Inn wanted a bold, new look to showcase the beauty of the local landscape. Full-screen photos and ease of booking gives site visitors lots of reasons to reserve a room and get into the fun around Moab!

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Aspen Core

With their focus on real estate properties in the center of posh Aspen, Colorado, Aspen Core Realty needed a stylish and easily managed website for listing available properties, and highlighting the lifestyle of the core of Aspen.

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Mt CB Water

Why a website for the water company? They knew communication is key for their users, so wanted a dynamic and responsive design to inform and educate, as well as provide services including forms, regulations and compliance reporting.

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As Crested Butte's most established real estate agency, Red Lady Realy knew it needed to stay on the cutting edge of web design to attract new home buyers. This responsive site highlights the unique communities surrounding the "Red Lady," as well as properties for sale.

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ATP opened their first park in 2012 and are on their way to having over 20 open by the end of 2015! Thin Air has been along every step of the way helping Altitude craft their brand, their websites, and their digital marketing. They have extended their brand globally now with parks in Japan, England, Puerto Rico, and more on the way. Find one near you today!

Fellowship Church

An inability to manage their own calendar and announcements convinced Fellowship Church they needed a change. Now several staff people manage various pages and activities on the website, and visitors can access service times from their phone, tablet or computer.

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Located in the heart of beautiful Western Colorado, with offices in Grand Junction and Crested Butte, we’re here to help you leverage technology and create a better marketing position for your business. That’s what we do. Within that framework, we have multiple options to fit almost any project or budget. With a custom content management system (CMS) in tow - CompleteSite - we are able to write software that writes websites.
Through magic and a bunch of technical words we throw around to make ourselves sound smart to each other, we create a way for you to become master of your own domain (website, technically). The web is a big place. You should have a piece of it. We're here to help you purchase your land, draw up your plans, excavate the area, and build out your dream home. We might even help furnish it; throw a party there; or even put it in our portfolio.

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At Thin Air, we know digital presence is an essential part of overall business marketing strategy. We have decades of experience working with businesses and organizations in developing plans, and can help you determine how your website can improve your total ROI using your existing marketing dollars.
At Thin Air we believe in the UX (user experience) above all! Our website and software designs are created individually to meet the needs of our clients, whose focus is their client. With our Content Management System, CompleteSite, we do the hard work of custom design to your specifications and give you the power to update your content whenever you need.
Sure, we can build you a stunning custom website on our Content Management System, CompleteSite, but what if you need more? With fancy HTML code dancers, we can develop a specific software program designed with you in mind! Does your business have to interface with other companies’ software? Do you need to capture and query lots of data? We can development with you in mind!
Is there anything more confusing than trying to understand what search engines do and why we even need them? We can help you see how SEO can increase your website traffic and what you can do yourself to improve your site rankings.

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